What type of presentation

There are different options of software for creating a presentation and I am unsure in which one I am going to use:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint most commonly used, need to be careful the presentation is not boring. Easy to insert audio files.
  • Prezi is a more creative approach and provides are more interesting presentation. Challenging to embed audio files.
  • Picto Chart info graphic website where you can on large graphic, good for shorter presentations. Challenging to embed audio files

Designing a good presentation

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Pt.1

This article was used to help me gain an understanding of how to start thinking about the presentation design. From this article I have taken on board the points of clarity in terms of images, headings and written sections. I will am going to apply these methods in the design of my presentation to ensure I make a professional and clear presentation.

Top Ten Slide Tips

From this list of design tips for creating a presentation, I am going to use all the information from the website and put it into to practice when creating my slides. I am going to keep my slides simple, limit the text on each slide and use clear images. I plan to use minimal animation as I also think this make a presentation look un professional I am also going to implement audio and potentially video into my presentation to represent my project. After reading this I am going to also try and design my own theme so that I have a professional looking presentation.

Presentation plan


-Statement of project

-Title of project



– Methodology

Project Outline

History of house music

Fundamental elements of house

A Review Of Work




Show Final Work

-Classic Track

-Modern Track

Reflect On Year

These are the draft elements i am working on including in my presentation.

 Delivering a good presentation

Top Ten Delivery Tips

In this article the top 10 tips for delivering a presentation are suggested. This section is very crucial to me as this is where I think I am at my weakest. I am going to study this article and work on presentation technique so that I can present in a professional manner.

Recorded Presentation

My main problem with presenting information is that I either nervously speak too fast or too slow. I also when my place I use words like “em and uh”  and I I fell like this is very unprofessional. After speaking to my supervisor I am think I am going to pre record my presentation so I can make it as professional as I can, as I think that I have to much to gamble if my presentation is of a poor standard because of my nerves of talking in front of people.


I am going to use Microsoft Power Point for creating my presentation. I have chosen this as I am wanting to smoothly add audio and potentially video and I think this is the best option as i will allow to add audio with ease. I am also going to design my presentation around the information received from the Design Shack and Garr Reynolds websites. I am going to make a simple and clear presentation. I plan to achieve this with minimal text on the screen and a clear font. I plan to also create my own template so that I can create a constant personal theme through out my work. I am also going to have a go at pre recording my presentation and showing it as a video. If this doesn’t  go as smooth as I would like I will present my presentation on the day.


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