Poster Design

To create a professional looking showcase I need to be able to have posters that are full of information but are simple and easy to understand and follow. To research this  I went to the Peoples Palace in Glasgow to see how they display information along side objects and interactive areas. I took pictures for future reference:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

I like the format of the poster boards as they have bold headings which stand out, images and a small amount of text to explain the topic. I think this a good approach. As it will allow me to have information up about my project with images as well to help inform the public. I plan to use my posters to explain sections of interactive media. I plan to have posters on the:

  • History of house
  • Sound of the House Instruments
  • Fundamental elements of  house track
  • The structure of a house track
  • The difference between a modern and classic track
  • My tracks and how I created them

Audio For Project

In my interactive section for the project i am going to have audio clips that represent the sound of house instruments, the fundamental elements of a house track. I will also have sections from tracks i have created to show the structure of the sections explained in the poster. I also will show my end project to help highlight the difference between classic and modern house tracks.

Artwork Considerations

I will have to gather artwork for this showcase. I will need to gather artwork for the headers of the posters, interactive front page, thumbnails and I will also need artwork to represent each slide I am going to use to show my project.

Business Cards

For the showcase I will need to create a business card to promote myself and my project. To help with process I researched online to what I had to consider when designing a business card.

After reading this article I found that I need to include essential information: your name, title, company name, address, phone number, e-mail and Web site in doing this it will ensure that if some would like to contact me they have enough information.

I also think the business card design should be have clear text and a darker background to make the   text the main area of focus. Here is my business card desgin.

Bussiness card.aspx


The section of the project at first seemed like it was going to be very easy. It soon changed when i realized how much work is involved on top of other work ie creating art work, poster design, business card design and creating other audio snippets to correspond with the musical structure section and the sound of the classic instrument section.

I think I am making progress with this section as I believe my business card is of a good quality and portrays a professional image. I plan to use the background graphic of the business card as the header of my showcase posters and in my presentation to draw a artistic connection between the sections.


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